KDLS Dalles One Depature


With navigraph data installed the Dalles One departure out of KDLS does not load the radial to intercept. It just says intercept in the flight plan instead of LTG165. I am using the G1000Nxi. The aircraft will not fly the departure correctly.

Without navigraph data installed, using default data, the full procedure loads correctly and the airplane flys the departure perfectly.


With Navigraph

Without Navigraph

sorry, but it seems there is a coding issue in the sim somewhere because the data coding itself is correct so far. You see this ie. in the PMDG - here the path is absolutely correct and the PMDG uses the same data-source as the MSFS data. The difference is only, that we interpret the data for the PMDG - for the MSFS addons we only offer the data but the interpretation lies in the hand of the developer.

Again, I have checked the source and the data are absolutely correct - this is more an issue in the MSFS.

Here the internal coding for the MSFS data:

VI leg - heading 130 to intercept
FA leg - LTJ/165 till above 4000 feet
DF leg - turn left to LTJ

… and here, how this is looking, when the coding interpretation is correct (from the PMDG):

Sorry, but we have no influence on how the MSFS developer uses our data.


Thanks for the reply. Understand your position. But you might want to reconsider it. The G1000nxi by working title isnt just a developer addon. Microsoft partnered with them to develop the G1000, and it is going to be the default G1000 in MSFS and used with all aircraft that have G1000 in the sim.

Becareful not to position your product to not work with the default sim.

I have offered all what we offer … The implementation is not in our hand and it’s fact that the implementation of these sequences are simple wrong.

Therefore I have added our logic and our implementation to show you, that the source coding is correct and the path is correct, when the implementation is correct.

We have no influence on the implementation/interpretation of the offered data. Our part is only to offer the data, in the correct way and thats (as you have seen here) the case.

Believe it or not …


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