DATA BUG: KPSP SIDs Have Incorrect Data

With Navigraph using the FMS data Cycle 2113, both the CATH1 and TRM6 departures out of KPSP are incorrectly setup.

The real world CATH1 departure for runway 31L calls for flying a 310 heading until passing the 268 radial of the Palm Springs VOR, then turning direct to the VOR. The data currently calls for intercepting the radial instead, which causes the turn to be shortcut and the plane to deviate from the departure route. I looked in the data for the PMDG 737 since it is editable and it appears that all of the runway options for the CATH1 are incorrect, with an “Intercept” command instead of “Until.”

For the TRM6 departure from 31L you are required to climb on a heading of 090 to intercept the Thermal VOR 304 radial, but the data is coded for the 124 radial instead, which is the heading you would be flying, not the radial.

Both of these departures currently have errors that would lead to pilot deviations if flown on Pilotedge or VATSIM, so it would be great to see the data corrected to match the charts, as aircraft like the FSLabs A320 do not have databases that can be modified.

Below is the CATH1 departure shown on the FMS and ND of the FSL A320, as well as part of the chart to show what it should be.


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