Kai Tak (HongKong) Chart

Dear Navigraph Managements, Let KAI TAK REOPEN FOR GAMING!

I saw other gamers who posted and requested of KAI TAK - HONGKONG full set of charts, so in this case I would love to put my signature on this request list.

I strongly believe that, this is Aviation Flight SIMULATOR, which is should be fun. Many of us like to do challenging things what it is not possible in real life, this is the reason why we like to do gaming. This time I like to REQUESTING full chart set for KAI TAK airport.
I would love to see a big “+”, POSITIVE effort in this matter from the Navigraph.
Thank you to hear me out behalf of many others.
PS: please let me know of the possibilities! THANKS again^^^.

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Just found this having made another post !

Kai Tak is now officially modelled in the Anniversary Edition of MSFS.

They have done this before for one or two airports.

Woukd make sense to have some data in the FMS and charts databases.

Here’s hoping.

the terminal procedures are still included in all addons and sims since a very long time … For charts, please look around in the web, we may not offer outdated charts.


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