IXEG 737 Classic Plus, FF767,FFA320,P2ATC not showing inFMS Data Manager

Hi, I’ve recently upgraded from XP11.50 to XP12. I’ve bought the IXEG 737 CP and it is installed into XP12 and working. I’ve also upgraded my Flight Factor 767 Global Plus and FF A320 Ultimate Extended and all are now activated and working in XP12. However when I rescan for addons using the FMS Data Manager none of the above are seen by it. How can I update all the out of date FMS data please ? Win 10 X64 bit.


Make sure you have the correct X-Plane 12 path in FMS Data Manager Settings page.

After that in Addon Mappings page, select and Remove X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 12 addons.
Then press Scan and Save .

Hopefully you should now have correct X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 12 addons detected and ready to Update in Addon List .

IXEG 737 Classic Plus will be supported from AIRAC 2311 release next Thursday 2 Nov .


OK so following your instructions I removed my XP12 which was correctly pathed and then pressed save and ran scan. The program hangs on searching foir Rotate MD80 and will just stay there with the rotating cursor, I have to press close to get out of the loop and it then searches,

It finds XP12 again but none of the XP12 addon aircraft which are all in their own correct folders not under Laminar Research. I’m running v. for Windows. Is this the latest version, although it is set to auto update. The program is set to be run as admin. P2ATC is now showing up so a little progress there. I have managed to update the airacs using the manual downloads but it is a right PITA when the program should do it for you.

you wrote:

Can you confirm, that you have used the recommended folder structure from the installation-zips of the addon or have you made a own structure?

Can you post your aircraft-folder please, like mine:

Thank you,

Yes, mine looks the same as yours Richard.

Excellent, thank you … ok, next step.

Can you open your FMS Data Manager, goto Settings and can you please make a screenshot of your X-Plane 12 path - like mine:

Go back to Addon Mappings, scroll down to your FlightFactor A320 XP12 line and move the cursor somewhere in the path line, so that the exact path will be shown after a few seconds, like mine:

Thank you,

PS: sorry, I have select XP11 on my screenshot, it should be XP12 of course :wink:

Ah stop, the auto detection of the FlightFactor A320 extended was modified with the new upcoming AIRAC cycle 2311 on Thursday. So when, than you can only add the extended version for XP12 only manually but I would recommend to wait the three days and after the release of 2311 you should start the FMS Data Manager again and run a scan again. It should be working than …

Sorry, my fault …


OK Richard I will try running scan again now the new AIRAC is out. I will report back asap.

OK I ran the updated Airac and scanned for Addons. Once again the FMS Data Manager hangs on checking for the Rotate MD 80 in XP12, which I haven’t got, so I have to close the box manually. I don’t think this should be happening. A few seconds later the scan seems to be running again. This time it finds the IXEG 737, but neither of the Flight Factor aircraft. I ran the scan again just be sure. I saved the mapping and then updated the IXEG 737, with no problem.

when the FF A320 for XP12 is installed in the standard-default folder (as recommended), the FMS Data Manager detects this addon too.

So, an screenshot of your FlightFactor folder (inside the Aircraft folder), like:

Thank you,

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