FMS Data Manager not finding my FF A320 Ultimate and 767 Global Full

Why is the Data Manager not finding my two Flight Factor aircraft installed into X-Plane 11.50+ ? It finds all my other addons without me having to do anything else. It finds X-Plane 11.50+ too. I have tried rescanning multiple times.

No ideas from anyone ???

have you unzipped the FF A320 in the main/root folder of your XP11 installation?

So, it should look (inside of your XP11 root):

I can´t say anything about the the “767 Global Full” - this addon can´t be detected because we don´t have any search-pattern for it, nor have I an idea about the dataset and the correct location, sorry.


Hi Richard, thanks for your reply. I placed the FF A320 ultimate folder into my X-Plane aircraft folder as you suggest above. I will get a screengrab of my aircraft folder though, just to check. I haven’t yet flown the aircraft, so maybe it is an activation issue. I’ll do that too and see if that helps. I updated the 767 package manually as you suggested and that’s working OK now.

My X Plane 11.55 has an aircraft folder, but inside that is two folders Extra Aircraft and Laminar Research. Where should the FF A320 ultimate folder end up ? At the moment it is in Extra Aircraft, along with a few other addons.

Best to have it in… your X-Plane 11\Aircraft:


OK, I’ll try that then and see if it cures the issue…

Well done guys, I copied all my addon aircraft to the root aircraft folder, then deleted them from Extra Aircraft and the FMS Manager found the A320 FF Ultimate straight away. You can close this ticket now. Thanks.


You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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