Issue with PMDG data on cycle 2102

Hi Richard,

It seems there’s also some problems with 2102 for loading runway data in my PMDG addon. Checking the possible cause, I noticed there was a wrong formatting due to curious Lat/Long data (-999.000000) for several runways in the wpNavApt.txt file. I presume it could be the cause since 2101 data do not include those changes and loads OK. You will have a look

Kind regards


Hi Hervé,
thanks for the report - we are just working on a fix. This was a more or less general calculation issue in our parser, sorry - there are nearly all addons affected. Big sorry for this silly mistake from my side. I´m working on it and we will release a second revision in the next couple of hours.

Sorry and thanks for your understanding

Hi again Hervé,
revision 2 is out now, files are all uploaded. Please update your addons and try it again. It should work now.
Sorry for the troubles and thanks for your patience.



Absolutely perfect and now working as expected Richard…
Navigraph support and reactivity are impressive :slight_smile:

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