Is there way to view or export the charts as vector graphic(SVG) format instead of pixelated bitmap?


I see that on the Navigraph app, the chart plates are not vector, but they are bitmap(pixels). When I look at the FAA charts or the odd Jepp charts that are found from a source other than Navigraph, I see that they are pristine looking vector images. When you print them out(I am a bit old school, I love having paper plates on hand), they look perfect, which is unfortunately not the case for the charts that I export from Navigraph app. As good as this app is, this is a bit disappointing.

Is it my incompetence that I can’t make it into a vector chart, or is the bitmap really the only format that Navigraph provides? If it’s the latter, are there any plans to introduce the vector map in the upcoming editions?


At the moment this is not possible. They are optimized for on-screen viewing and are in bitmap format for maximum performance and compatibility across the wide range of devices and apps we support. Functions like the semi-transparent chart overlay on the enroute chart are also facilitated by the charts being bitmaps.

Printing is not a focus area of our Charts apps, while we support it in one of our app versions (desktop) it isn’t a function we recommend as it goes against the principle of keeping the charts organized within the app with all interactive functions that come with it.