Is RNAV approach data uploaded into MSFS?

In particular I’m referring to the vertical guidance. If the approach plate says there is vertical guidance provided with the RNAV should I expect it to be available in the sim? Is there any way of checking in game what type of RNAV approach to expect when I get there?

Hi Mike,

Yes, you can expect all type of approaches in the sim. There are no limitations/filtering or similar else from our side, buuuuuuut :slight_smile: … Specially RNAV approaches needs a few more attention, because as you wrote, it needs vertical guidance and that´s exactly what is not well implemented in the default sim aircrafts, so don´t expect too much, when you try to fly such kind of approaches.

One part is to offer the data in the correct form, in the correct sequence, with all the correct values but it´s another part to interpret these data correctly. A typical working aircraft is the WorkingTitle CJ4. This mod flies such RNAV approaches very well and the reason is, because the devs had developed a own flightmanagement system and don´t use the internal from the sim.

Not that I know, but I´m not a sim frequently flyer due the lack of time. Possible that this question finds more answers directly in the Flightsim forum - or someone here can help, but I don´t know any possibility, sorry.


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