inStall FMS and Chart on a MAC

I can’t update. He asks me for a subscription. Or goto adon list and start a download or refresh your subscription. I don’t see where to go to download.

you are using your wrong account - in the FMS Data Manager, goto Settings under Account and press the Unregister Account button. After that - close the FMS Data Manager and re-open it.

You will ask again after your user account. Please insert your correct account name now, where you have your Ultimate subscription - it is NOT!!! PINEAU - so use the other one. With PINEAU you don´t have a subscription therefore the error message … your correct user ends with ...3503


I paid on 12/11/2023 to Navigraph. As my account name I have: Ultimate? X-plane is installed on a Mac

Sir sorry, but we have now 22 postings and we are at the start.

It´s hard, when you don´t know that you have subscribed to an Ultimate subscription, when you don´t know which user-account/mail address has you used for the subscription and when you have paid at which time.

You have two accounts:
One with the domain and one with domain. The account with the domain is the correct one because you have subscribed via this account. Also you have used two names - one, which you use here and where you have used in the FMS Data Manager (PINEAU).

The second account (created with the domain) is calling xxx3503 (the xxx are only placeholder) and THIS ACCOUNT HAS THE ULTIMATE SUBSCRIPTION AND IS THE CORRECT AND ONLY ONE.

So, please login with THIS account (xxx3505 or the mail address), The account what you´re using here in the forum and currently in the FMS Data Manager, doesn´t have a subscription.

Hope it´s clear now … you must use your correct account, PINEAU isn´t the correct one.


Good morning,

It’s crazy indeed. I understand your exasperation but

On November 12, I subscribed for a month (trial) to Navigraph. Under the name PINEAU and

What does this have to do with ultimate? Is there confusion, complementarity?

To access Navigraph I am asked for an email address

We ask for an email address.

What should I indicate xxx3503 (3505?) in what form (it is not an email address

If I indicate “ no result.

On the other hand IF: pineaumichel@The following window opens
Capture d’écran 2023-11-23 à 14.33.24
Capture d’écran 2023-11-23 à 14.34.08


Capture d’écran 2023-11-23 à 14.38.39
It therefore seems that Navigraph cannot find my payment.

If I pay a 2nd time. Would that be OK?

you have successfully subscribed with the mail-address.

You have received an welcome email to this address on 12-11-2023 (at approx, 17:36) “Get started with your Navigraph subscription”.

So, please add this mail-address in the FMS Data Manager plus the given OTP and post a screenshot of the main-page (Addon List page) of the FMS Data Manager like my example:

We need the whole screen, after you successfully logged in with the mail-address.
Thank you,

sorry, I use and the program does not open. I trashed the software and reloaded it but I still have the same problem???
I have confirmation that the email address I am using is the correct one, so???
I receive a code that I save

I tried to start the FMS with the email address “” the program opens, but when I want to update it it requires me to register for Navigraph. I think it’s on my recording in your Navigraph files that it must have a problem.


I contacted the administration. There was a confusion between my two emails. has been corrected. active email is pineaumichel@mail. so I was able to open and here is the screen I ended up with.

That means you have updated X-Plane 12 successfully in this folder /Users/michelpineau/X-Plane 12/Custom Data

So please enter exactly this path and make a screenshot of the content.

Thank you

Here’s what you want

now, you have updated your X-Plane 12 version successfully … when you compare the two screenshots:

Your first screenshot, where the custom data folder was empty:

… and now the current one:

You see that the custom-data folder contains now all updated files.


Yes, thank you. I don’t know how to install the Airac on x-plane

So, it’s solved now, right? Please confirm …

Thank you,

Yes, thank you. I don’t know how to install the Airac on x-plane

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Hi Michel,

Now that AIRAC 2312 has released you should update your X-Plane data.

To do so:
Log into FMS Data Manager.

  • In Addon List , select X-Plane 12 and and any X-Plane 12 addons and select Update.
  • You should see see the update occurring in the status at the bottom of the FMS Data Manager page.
  • Once complete you should be able to see the latest AIRAC number and dates in the 737-800 FMS Ident page.



merci. c’est OK

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