Install data to XPLANE11/UBUNTU (linux)

hi, I downloaded airac 2014 for manual installation. I extracted the zip file in XPLANE11 / CUSTOM DATA / I restarted XPLANE 11 THE FMS OF B737-800 always remains with the original airac (1st installation) and the FMS does not offer me another file to load.
here is my config XPLANE11.51r1 operating system UBUNTU 20.04 LTS. Do you have a better installation method. Thank you

Hi JeanPaul,


For default X-Plane 11.50 aircraft including B737-800, Zibo 737, X-Plane X430/530,
you download the Linux version of X-Plane 11 (11.50+) from FMS Downloads

Unzip (retaining paths) to
…your X-PLANE 11\Custom Data folder.

For X-Plane FF757/767/777, X-Crafts Embraer E-175, Aerobask SkyView, JRollon Planes CRJ200, JARDesign A320/A330, ToLiss A319 (XP10), STMA Aircraft, Magknight 787AEaircraft below,

you download the Linux version of X-Plane 11 GNS 430 from FMS Downloads

Unzip (retaining paths) to
…your X-PLANE 11\Custom Data\GNS430

Also please see FAQ - Nav Data Out Of Date. Note there is no Linux support in FMS Data Manager.


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Hi ian,
Thank you for your answer, that’s exactly what I did, the installation is done well in XPLANE11 / CUSTOM DATA / and the unzip creates the CIFP folder therefore XPLANE11 / CUSTOM DATA / CIFP / 13792 .dat files but when I launches XPLANE11 the FMS always displays the original airac and no file proposed for update. Do you have another solution? Thanks for your help.

Hi Jean-Paul,
i have no knowledge about Linux, Ubuntu, … but could this be a upper-/lowercase issue of the folder/files? I can remember, that there are some restrictions …


Hi Richard,
yes the custom data folder requires uppercase file names + .dat. But in my case the custom data folder contains the CIFP folder which itself contains uppercase + .dat files which was installed automatically when unzip the native navigraph folder

Hi Richard and Ian,
I try a second time to install airac 2014 unzip to folder CUSTOM DATA. Now it"s OK the new airac is on my FMS. the mysteries of computing !!! :wink: So download AIRAC XXXX NATIVE.ZIP and extract to CUSTOM DATA folder. (try and retry if it’s not available)

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Hi JeanPaul,

Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying


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