Unable to install FMS data in X-plane 11 for FF b767

In another post, you say…
Unzip (retaining paths) xplane_customdata_native_YYYY.zip to
…your X-PLANE 11\Custom Data\GNS430
(This is for X-Plane FF757/767/777, X-Crafts Embraer E-175, Aerobask SkyView, JRollon

Here is my file structure for X-plane 11 folder

Yet the FMS Ident still shows AIRAC1702 as the Nav Data

Thanks for your help



Looks like you have unzipped xplane11_native_YYYY.zip. You need xplane_customdata_native_YYYY.zip for the FF 767.

You might like to use FMS Data Manager. It does all this automatically for you.


Thanks Ian,

I did try to use the FMS Data Manager but had no luck.

I have confirmed that FMS Data Manager knows the path to my X-Plane installation

I’ll see if I can get the custom data zip to work



In FMS Data Manager Settings, make sure you have the correct X-Plane path by navigating to where you have X-Plane.exe.

In Addon Mappings , Remove any X-Plane and X-Plane GNS entries. Press Save.
Press Scan, you should have the following entries detected:

X-Plane 11 (11.50+)
X-Plane GNS, FF757/767/777…Magknight 787AE

If not getting the 2nd entry, press +Add, choose X-Plane GNS, FF757/767/777…Magknight 787AE, choose Install into… X-Plane 11. Press Save

In Addon List, you should be able to select and update the 2 entries.


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