Incorrect ZFW for A20N (A320neo)

Hello. I use FlyByWire A32NX with SimBrief integration, and ZFW (for example, 63.4) on SimBrief differs from MCDU (60). How can I fix it? Do I need to use a custom aircraft profile? Is it a bug or correct behavior?

Hi, you should be able to modify the ZFW in the sim (via the EFB I believe) to match what SimBrief gave you. If not, you can also generate your SimBrief flight plan to match the MCDU ZFW instead. Simply enter the desired ZFW into the “ZFW” option:

If you’re expecting the FlyByWire A32NX to automatically match the ZFW when importing your SimBrief flight plan, and it is not doing so, I recommend contacting their support. Perhaps it’s a bug in their importer.

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