Incorrect coordinates for FIR SCCZ

In the SimToolkitPro database, the coordinates for the last waypoint of the FIR/UIR SCCZ appear to be incorrect:

In the data, the last waypoint has the coordinates -53, -90. Looking at Navigraph Charts, I would have expected -90, -90

thanks for contacting us, may I ask why do you expect it it? I only see a database record, so what issue has you in STKP exactly now?


Here is a drawing of the problem overlaid on the Punta Arenas FIR in Navigraph Charts:

The coordinates fill the polygon clockwise. 58.35S 53W to 90S -53W is correct. Then it goes straight back to -53S -90W. As you can see, this misses the entire south western corner. The depiction in Navigraph Charts is correct, so this might happen during the translation to the DFD format?

thanks but this last waypoint is designed as end-waypoint and due special ARINC424 rules it should be go back to the origin waypoint of the sequence. This is what we do in the charts - possible that the addon interpret this line in the wrong way.

But we will report this to our service provider to ask, if this is simple a typo or follow the ARINC rules.

Thank you,

I think I have made a mistake. It just occurred to me, that we are talking about the south pole. The drawing I made assumes a cylindrical projection. But since Earth is a sphere, the longitude does not matter at the poles. I just checked the other FIRs and they are coded the same way.
I’m sorry for the fuss. Thank you for your help!

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