Inconsistency of SID fix altitude value

1, Prepar3d 4
2. Prosim737 2.24
3. AIRAC 2102
4. RKSS (Gimpo)
6. Fix : TD120

The third picture should be shown the same as the second picture of the cdu. The second picture is pmdg777 under the same conditions.
How should I modify it?

Hi Dae Hyun,
sorry, I can´t answer your question and I guess, it´s better to ask in the ProSim forum. What I can say is, that this restriction (as you see in the PMDG) are included and available. I have looked into the ProSim database and here too - the restriction is available (yellow marker):

Sorry Dae Hyun, from the data point of view it looks all correct and match exactly with our charts. You can forward this posting to the ProSim devs if you want. The data looks ok so far - so it must be any other reason.


Thank you for your quick response. I will ask the Prosim forum as you suggested.

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