In charts 8 how do i center aircraft on map

Prior to charts 8 , there was a circle symbol on the map bottom left near the (+ ) sign and (-)Sign That I could click and the aircraft would recenter on the Map.

How do I do this in charts 8?
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Click on the chevron symbol in the top left icon box, then select what you need. It will be three clicks.

It should probably be added as a single click somewhere.

* Orest

I dont see any chevron symbol on the top left. i see Search maginifier, Flights, airports and pinboard.
what am I missing? can you picture me the Chevron Symbol please
thank you

You can recenter by clicking on wings icon and Moving Maps On


Got It. Much Thank Ian!. Charts 8 is really AWESOME!!! thanks for all the Hard work

A follow up question, if you please: what does " Follow Mode" do in IFR flight, is it like “request Flight Following” in VFR

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With Moving Map selected and operating, Follow Mode moves the map to keep your aircraft centered on the map.


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