Implement LSZH pref rwy sys


Ive noticed a few threads where the preferential runway system of an airport was successfully implemented in the automated simbrief runway selection system, and I thought I would suggest LSZH (Zurich) be added as well since that does not currently seem to be the case. This unfortunately causes a giant mess on online networks if the airport is uncontrolled because all 3 runways intersect.

It is a notoriously complicated one since, again, all runways intersect. Therefore, dep rwy is dependent on arrival rwy and vice versa, as well as the fact that is based on time of day. The exact details can be found on LSZH charts 10-P and 10-P1

Ill try to summarize it as best I can, but I implore you to please read the documents as there are extra details I most likely missed.

There are 3 approach/departure concepts that are activated based on time of day:

Northern approach concept:
Landing: RWY 14, RWY 16 (if unable 14)
Departure: RWY 28. If Tailwind > 10kts then RWY 10. RWY 16 (if unable 28/10).

Eastern approach concept:
Landing: RWY 28, RWY 34 (if unable 28)
Departure: RWY 32, RWY 34 (if unable 32). ONLY LEFT TURN SID.

Southern approach concept:
Landing: RWY 34
Departure: RWY 32, RWY 34 (if unable 32).

Normal Ops:

0600-0700LT: Southern concept
0700-2100LT: Northern concept
2100-0600LT: Eastern concept

SAT, SUN, and German Holidays:
0600-0900LT: Southern concept
0900-2000LT: Northern concept
2000-0600LT: Eastern concept

Abnormal WX Ops (they override the time of day rules):

If strong winds from west (> 10kts) they switch to Eastern Approach concept.

if RVR < 4300m they switch to Northern concept.

If RVR < 4300m and strong winds from west (>10kts) they switch to Southern concept.

A hard rule:
RWY 10 is never used for LDG for IFR tfc
RWY 14 is never used for TO for IFR tfc

I understand it’s quite quite the complex system. If there are any questions feel free to ask.

I think I and many other Zurich based pilots would be very grateful if this could somehow be integrated as it would bring some much needed order into the online Zurich airspace.

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As the author already mentioned, it’s a mess and at least a partially implemented Preferred Runway System would help a lot.


I can’t currently enter rules quite this complex, but I’ve done what I can and it should be better now at least.

I’ve made it prioritize 28 (16 for heavies) for departure and 14 for landing up to TW/XW of 10 kts, then it will switch to using 10/16/32 for departure and 28/34 for landing, depending on winds.

Right turn SIDs should also no longer be suggested off runway 32/34.

Best regards,

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Thank you @SimBrief, as always appreciated!

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