ILS Course Width in Little Navmap


It appears as though there is no data for the ILS Course Width (loc_width) in the Little Navmap database (2302 AIRAC). Is this something that could be added?

(I was looking at the DFD format specs, and it seems to be in tbl_localizers_glideslopes.llz_width, but couldn’t see anywhere to download the mentioned dfd_xxxx.3sdb DB to see if it’s just missing from the Little Navmap DB or N/A)


in general, we don´t offer each detail for each dataset, also not for LNM. Some columns are from other sources and/or will be calculated but the ILS width is included in the default DFD format and can be used, if the LNM reader (developed by the LNM developer) reads this information.

We can´t add or change anything in the LNM format, please contact the developer - he can possible add the field from our DFD format (which is the base of the LNM format).

Thank you,

Ok, thanks. The LNM format has a loc_width field, it’s just empty. As it sounds like LNM are responsible for the converter, I’ve opened an issue with them ILS Course Width in Navigraph database · Issue #1011 · albar965/littlenavmap · GitHub.

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