HUB gets stuck


  1. Navigraph HUB gets stuck on my computer. Upon pressing one of the UPDATE buttons, its color gets dimmer, the button looks a bit sunk but that’s it. Nothing happens, I cannot update any other item and cannot close the application! Only using the task manager can close it.
    I did follow a similar item on the forum from a year ago or so but I could find no solution there.
    Please advise. THANKS
  2. I need to update PSiPANEL’s AIRAC regularly. It cannot be done under HUB, I must install and use the old DATA MANAGER. Must it be so?


  1. Please uninstall, download and install latest Navigraph Hub
  2. I don’t know about PSiPANEL? Maybe you meant FSiPanel, which is updated in FMS Data Manager. In time we shall migrate all applications to Navigraph Hub.


Hi Ian,

Thanks for your kind reply.

I followed your instructions, uninstalled the HUB, downloaded the HUB you linked for me and installed it.

Nada, same problem returns.

With all best wishes


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