How to update to AIRAC 2013 in MSFS Beta?

How do I update to AIRAC 2013 in MSFS Beta? The Navigraph.exe only shows AIRAC 2012 and a remove option.

+1 or should we uninstall not to cause conflict with today’s navdata uldate in msf2020?

I have the same question. I removed and reinstalled and it still shows Airac cycle 2012 rev.1. It did change from beta to rev.1 though.

There was an issue with today´s release (cycle 2013) for MSFS and we have temporarily reverted to the last working version. We have an ongoing investigation into what happened and as soon as we find a solution there’ll be an update to inform you!

For more information and updates, see this thread.

Has the 2013 AIRAC been fixed ? Can we update it in the MSFS using your software?

Yes it has.

Please update your client Release notes - Navigraph Navdata Client - beta 17) if you are not already running beta.17.

Then install cycle 2013 rev 3: Release notes - AIRAC Cycle 2013 - revision 3

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