How to import a route into Navigraph 8

I just downloaded and installed Navigraph 8. I cannot find any way to enter (paste, import, etc) a route from In Navigraph 7 I copied the route to the clipboard and then pasted it into the basic route description (origin > dct > destination) in place of “dct”. The result was then displayed on the map. How can I do this in Navigraph 8? I do not see any route description. Also… I tried to find a manual for Navigraph 8 and could not find one. If there is a manual for this version could you please send a link to it? Thanks.

Steve Haines —

I hate this. The old Navigraph that I was so familiar with and worked flawlessly (almost) has been taken away from me and replace by something that is not intuitive and where no documentation can be easily found. So now I’m dead in the water with my flying until someone explains what the hell is going on.

How do I get a Simbrief plan into this new thing Okay. I figured it out by shear luck. Even thought their wasn’t a flight plan in Navigraph (that I could tell) I had to Press UNLOAD. That then gave me the option to import a flight.

I’m sure I will eventually figure this out and maybe even like it. But for a 72 year old simmer…changes like this wreak havoc on the brain.

Hello! Thanks for the feedback and apologies for the inconvenience!

Copy the route as usual and press this button:

This will let you paste your route, just like in the old app!

I’m terribly sorry that you feel this way - it was never our intention to cause any harm. Unfortunately, there is no documentation available but there are loads of short and concise feature highlights over at our website! See these in particular:

Again, sorry for any trouble caused. We really hope that you’ll come to like the new version, with all that it has to offer!

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V8 documentation is exceptional, we found no issues after the upgrade and this is just a fantastic overhaul of the UI. Well done and well worth the wait, you guys took this to the next level in a very polished release in my view.


Hi Malte,
I looked at those videos. They are information dense, with lots of data on the screen often too small to be even read, and they go from one thing to another like in one second. There is no way for an ordinary person to possibly digest what is on the screen and what is being pointed out that fast, particularly since it is all new and disorienting. Maybe Data of Star Trek could, but not most of us. I would suggest that whomever is creating these videos getting some coaching on how to prepare instructional videos, and slooow things down.

And some written instructions on how to do simple tasks would be helpful too.


I hear your feedback, and I’ll pass it along!

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Thanks, Looking forward to learning this updated product.

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