Deleting flight plans follow-up question

I wanted to do a bulk delete of flight plans and found this recently locked topic: Sounded like just what I needed. The only problem is, I don’t get the checkbox to select all items in the list. The sort by date/name dropdown doesn’t go away when I click on the pencil icon.



What does happen when you click on the pencil icon?

Does the same occur on Charts Cloud ?

Suggest try Windows uninstall of Charts, then download and install latest Charts Desktop

Please let us know how you get on.


This is what I get if I click on the pencil icon and select a flight plan (only then does the delete button appear)

It works as expected with Charts Cloud. I’ll try re-installing Charts Desktop, thanks!

Looks like I just had an out-of-date version (7.1.33). Download and installed 7.2.5 and it is working exactly as show in the other topic.

You are welcome. Glad it is working. I shall show this topic as solved.


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