Holding Pattern


The ifr cards contain everything you need for a complete flight
simulation as you say. When I use a card with a holding circuit, why
isn’t this holding circuit included in the flight plan in the G1000 when
I select the arrival and approach?
For example, I want to select arrival LFPN MOU9T and initial approach LFPN
MOLBA 6X the holding circuit is not loaded into the flight plan.
Normally the database should be loaded by Navigraph Charts in the G1000.
What’s the problem?

If you need some screens shots, feel free to contact me

Thank’s in advance for your answer.



Holding patterns are not part of procedures. They are needed if an airport has too much traffic, or when the weather at the airport is too bad to carry out any landings.

When it comes to instruments like the G1000, or even flight management computers on airliners, holds can be set up pretty much anywhere based on parameters such as initial location, course, leg time and turn direction. The holds you see in our data are published holds, which consist of a predefined combination of these parameters.

May I ask what you believe to be the problem to begin with? We do not develop the G1000, and in this case, it is up to the instrument itself to facilitate the addition of a holding pattern to your route.
While our navigation data does contain holds, I am not sure if the simulator you are using even supports them as a dedicated feature. After all, a holding pattern is just a few parameters programmed into the autopilot!

I found the below video to be quite helpful when it comes to understanding holding patterns in the G1000. I am not sure if the G1000 avionics you are using will support this feature, but at least this is the way that it is done in the real world!

Let me know if you have any further questions, or if I misunderstood something you said!

Kind Regards,