High IFR charts missing VOR headings

When flying VOR to VOR without a gps unit, the Navigraph High IFR chart does not show what course to fly to or from VOR airways. It shows the Jetway number and minimum altitude but no courses.

Looking at Skyvector, the World Hi and Enroute charts all show courses for the airways.
How do I get the course information from Navigraph.

I fly only in VR and rely on Navigraph in game charts. I rather not takeoff the headset and look at Skyvector on my monitor.

UPDATE: Found out under options, if the scale is set to 150%, the course numbers disappear.
All other scales are ok.
Can someone at Navigraph fix this!!!

Hi! Thank you for the feedback.

Can you please send a screenshot? This is what it looks like for me on the high IFR map:

Please note that these radials are not visible at any amount of zoom, you have to zoom in quite a bit for them to be visible. You can read more about why this is here:

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Sorry for the delay, seems like my email client did not send my response.
Here is the screenshot, you can see the interface is legable but the heading numbers are super tiny and almost impossible to see in VR.

What is this tablet that you are using if I may ask?

I did not realize that you were inside MSFS - I now understand the issue. For relevant information and updates, please see this thread:

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The tablet is from flightsimulator.me and is called ingamepanel all in one

Thanks for the workarounds listed in the threads.
Wish Navigraph could just fix it in VR instead of us having to use these types of workarounds.

Ah, I see. That tablet is not officially supported by us and they do not have permission from us to implement our panel technology, so we are not responsible for any issues you see in there.

That said, we would love to do something about the map size in our own panel! As mentioned, you can find updates on this issue in the linked thread.

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