Help please?

Good evening

I wanted to make a flight to Lisbon (LPPT) with an arrival on runway 3 which does not exist anymore and which is replaced by runway 2 with the 32 nx of flybywire having a subscription and the airac 2207 valid from 14/07 to 10/08 I did not find my runway because it does not appear at the time of the programming of my fms, I meet sometimes some anomalies in the points of my flight plan in particular at the arrival is it normal?

Thank you for answering me as soon as possible

no, that´s not normal - I have checked it and I see the correct runways using latest MSFS version, FBW A320 (used latest developer version), AIRAC 2207 and the stock LPPT. Here a screenshot …

Ident page - AIRAC 2207 installed (16 June - 13 Jul):

Possible you have an issue in your content.xml file … try to follow these steps:


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