Halifax (CYHC) Missing from database FS9

Halifax (CYHC) A major international airport in Canada is completely missing from Database (FS9)

I´m not sure what you mean …

CYHC is Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre
KIXA is Halifax/Northamption Regl
… or CYHZ Stanfield

Both are not really “major international” airports … CYHC isn´t in our database because it´s a sea-plane airport which is not in the AIP, or at least I have found any information about it in the AIP. KIXA and CYHZ are in our database, including all terminal procedures.

So possible, you mean another one?


PS: … and by the way please provide the addon, where you miss the airport

Richard, thanks for the quick replay. Much appreciated
May I suggest you read the following link which names Halifax (CYHZ) as the 6th largest international airport in Canada. I cant find it in any of the fs9 data bases (PMDG, LevelD,PSS Ifly etc, etc).
Take Care, Bob

It looks like CYHC is listed by some sources as a small seaplane airport in Vancouver and also as the ICAO for Halifax International in Nova Scotia. Very confusing… Richard, I hope that you can sort this out. Thanks

looks like CYHC (Halifax) scenery is available. Doesn’t look like a small seaplane base to me.

The major international airport you are looking for is CYHZ (Z as in Zulu), so why do you keep looking for CYHC (C as in Charlie) in your sim? Obviously you won’t find your major international airport if you keep using the wrong airport code. Please stop wasting everyone’s time.



Hi again,

CYHC is a small seaplane base (Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre - Wikipedia) and you speak from this airport - look on your topic subject and you posting text.

As I have written, and also Tim has done this … the icao code for Halifax Stanfield is CYHZ with Z at the end and not C. And again, this airport is fully covered in the LevelD, PMDG, iFly, PSS, …

Here from the LevelD (FS9):

Here from the PMDG (FSX because I haven´t the PMDG on FS9 installed - but it´s the same data):


So, you see Halifax Stanfield (CYHZ) is included in all our datasets. So, please explain what you really mean, what you really miss, where … please provide screenshots and more details.


You are correct. My mistake. Sorry for the inconvenience. CYHZ is indeed in the database.

Please close this topic and thank you for your help.

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