H145 Airframe

How do we add a new airframe to “My Fleet” which does not feature in the “Select Aircraft Type” list?

I want to add H145 (which has ICAO designator EC45) for flight planning.

  • Helicopters are aircraft, as you know… Some say that to fly is heaven, and to hover is divine.

  • Helicopters IFR too, so this is important… Nothing like flying in stormy weather out to a rig or ship to make you understand the real challenges of IFR (which is not a case of “I Follow Rowboats”)

Hi, SimBrief doesn’t support helicopters at the moment. But you might be able to get a usable result by choosing the C172 as a base type.

When you create a new airframe in the My Fleet section, choose the C172 as a base type, then edit the aircraft name, ICAO code, weights, and optionally the fuel factor to match your helicopter.

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