How to add new airframes to simbrief account

I want to add the B377 to the airframe section without using another airframe, is this possible please?

Every custom airframe does have to have a base type from the list: - Aircraft Types

You can (only) edit the weights, equipment codes, service ceiling, altitude offset and fuel factor.

Can it be made possible please for airframes to be added as a type? A request please from a customer where many I know would use as well… Or if Simbrief could accept 3rd party made profiles from another app at least to be imported? Is this something that could be looked into please?

Merged from Aircraft request b377 stratocruiser

I really would like to have this bird added as a profile please as A2A has a really nice simulation of it

Merged from Aircraft request b314 the clipper

Ready for when the Pilots plane is finished

Respectfully, one topic is more than enough to make your request.

Additional airframe creation options are being investigated, but they are unlikely to be added immediately.

If A2A or Pilot’s would like to work with us to have these aircraft added to the system, they are welcome to reach out to us here: - Contact .

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