Graphic “bugs” IOS


During usage al kind of thing happen.

For example the zoom buttons on the map are sometimes visible but gone most of the time


When zooming in or out the the map is not filing the complete display ( grey at certain edges )

Also is the a “Chart :pushpin: pin” possible ? It is not showing on my ipad.

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Hello Dennis! Welcome to the forum!

The zoom buttons should always be visible, but they might be hidden when the list of charts is open above it for example. Please use pinch gestures to manipulate the zoom when this happens.

I can’t tell for sure without seeing a screenshot, but it sounds like the gray edges are most likely parts of the map that have not loaded yet. They should load quite fast, depending on your internet speed.

You can pin charts if, and only if, you have a flight loaded (1). This behavior directly corresponds to that of the web/desktop apps. When a flight is loaded and you look at the list of charts, you will see a “pin” icon beside each item in the list (2). Pressing it will pin it to the pinboard, showing below the list (3).

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the reply Malte.

The Pin i can confirm I was not aware a flight needed be loaded.

I can also confirm that the chart ( no menus or subcharts ) are visible and nothing else. But sometimes the buttons will not show ( will make a screenshot when i have it again )

Yes the grey edges are not loaded chart parts.
When in moving map … plane centered and for example the top right is grey after a switch of pinch zoon …. It will stay grey despite the rest of the visible chart keeps nicely updated ( stayed grey for 1 hour last week ).

Sometimes it refills the graphics when zooming in and out. But also happens that the right is loaded … but the left is grey for example. Also will send a screenshot when it happens again.

Again thanks for the reply

Hi again

See pictures below

No zoom buttons and grey areas for past hour :frowning:

Hello again Dennis!

Sorry for the late reply, I was on a one-week vacation. Does this issue still occur for you? Do the areas stay gray even when zooming out?

I will forward it to the rest of the team, but most are still on vacation. Thank you for your patience!

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Hope you enjoyed the holiday.

Yes still grey parts and th zoom buttoms missing now and then

I can understand those grey areas when i zoom out … but expect to fill it up in a few secconds.

The weird thing is that the plane is moving …. But the grey stays as it is. So after 30 mins of flight the size is exactly the sMe ( not filling or refreshing )

That does indeed not seem right. Thank you for the report, we will look into it.

I’ll let you know if we need more details!

Kind Regards,

Hello again!

After discussing this with the team we have two things for you to try:

  • Switch between map layers (High Enroute, Low Enroute, World Map) and see if the tiles start loading
  • Try the Cloud version of the Charts application (, if that works better then you should use this version until we release a new version of the native Charts application.

Looking forward to hearing your results!

Kind Regards,

Hi again

Yes looks like the cloud version is working better. But still wojld like the app to work the way it should