GLS approaches

I am subscribed to Navigraph Charts and Navigraph FMS Data.
I use Navigraph FMS Data Manager to update in P3DV4.5 and Navigraph Navdata Center (1.0.12) for AIRAC, Charts and Add-on Packages PMDG
I have updated both to Airac Cycle 2213 rev.2, Charts in Game v1.3 and PMDG 737800

In the FMC of the PMDSG 737-800 in P3D4V5 all the approaches of LEMG type GLS appear correctly, but in the PMDG 737-800 in MSFS none of them appear.

the data are exactly the same between P3D and MSFS. The GLS-approaches are all included in the MSFS dataset too but it looks, that the MSFS PMDG will not shown these kind of approaches, so this is an PMDG issue, sorry. Please report this to PMDG

Here a short overview about the procedures, which are included in MSFS files:

Sorry, this is more or less a PMDG issue rather a navdata issue.


Thank you, Richard, for your quick response. I will look in the direction you indicate.
Best regards

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