Carenado Cessna Citation II - C550 Perfomance Figures

Dear support Team,

in the last few weeks I’ve been consistently flying the C550 by Carenado for X-Plane.

The current fuel performance calculated by Simbrief for this plane exceeds a lot, the consumption that I am observing using the plane in X-plane 11.

I would love to be able to contribute somehow to the fine tuning of this aircraft in the performance files.

Is there any way to customize the data input for this plane, so that I can experiment and get more consistent results? Currently I have to apply a consumption factor of almost 30-35% less than what Simbrief gives. :face_with_monocle:

Thanks in advance, and thank you for this awesome tool.

Best regards,

Athos Bernardes


The C550 was a legacy profile with unknown accuracy, so these discrepancies were to be expected unfortunately. The state of SimBrief’s profiles can be viewed here by the way:

However, I’ve now remade SimBrief’s C550 with more accurate data, so it should be better now. Note that SimBrief’s profile is based on the older Model 550 (Citation II), whereas I believe Carenado made the Model S550 (Citation S/II). This means the weights might be a bit different, but these can be customized through the My Fleet section.

I noticed you already have a custom airframe for the C550, so you’ve probably already done this. Though I recommend removing the M30 fuel factor and M3000 cruise offset, at least for testing, since SimBrief’s profile has been completely remade now.

Let me know if it’s any better!

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thanks a lot for your prompt response and action. :clap:
I’ll have a go in the next few days and will report back. :slightly_smiling_face:

UPDATE1: I’ve cross-checked with my flight from yesterday, which was way unbalanced towards too much consumption, and now I see numbers that match my forecast much better. :+1: Thanks again!



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