Fuel & b787 + simbrief

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Iam having issues since iam doing multiple legs, and each time i load a simbrief flight plan my fuel reset to a low amount, how can i allow simbrief not to change the fuel amount and keep it the same as when i landing at my 2nd leg of the day?

In other words, after landing and i load my new flight plan via simbrief into my b787 fmc the fuel reset to a low amount how to prevent this and let the fuel be as it is (untouched) say its 44% how to keep it @ 44% after loading new flight plan?

Any tips or what iam i doing wrong?



SimBrief itself does not control the fuel load in your simulator. Most likely the developer of the B787 you are using has added this feature.

For guidance on how to control or prevent this, I recommend that you contact the developer of the B787 add-on you have installed.

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