FSRadioPanel and Navdata update

Dear Comminuty

I have bought the FSRadioPanel applcaition for android and even I have read the manual about how to download and upload the latest AIRAC Navdata I am not able to understand where I can find these navdata and copy in the proper Android suggested folder.
Until now I am updating navadata for both MSFS2020 and X-PLANE thru the FMS Manager, but how I can download the requested file or DB, I don’t know.
Would be able to support me in this, please ?

Thank you in advance

Hi Theo,

From http://www.logqslbyc.com/FsPanelRadio/FsRadioPanel.pdf:

Navigraph Data:

To update the Navigraph AIRAC cycle, download the proper dataset from Navigraph and unzip it in the
FsRadioPanel/NavData folder. Then, press the right button (SLK 6) with the title UPGRADE in the STATUS Screen

  • In FMS Data Manager, Addon Mappings page, choose +Add, for Please select an addon…choose FsRadioPanel, for Install into… chose User Defined Folder, navigate to …your FsRadioPanel/NavData. Press Save.
    In Addon List, choose FsRadioPanel and Update. For each AIRAC update you only need repeat this last step .

  • Alternatively, download from Manual Downloads

    Unzip fsradiopanel_native_2302.zip to …your FsRadioPanel/NavData

Don’t forget SLK 6 instruction above.


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