FMS Data still out of date after update... xp11.5+

Just updated my FMS (Not charts) on xp11.5+

the 430 and 530 “out of date” messages have gone away, which is great, but the frequencies are still not updated.

Did the auto update using the nav center app for windows…

Do I need the charts thing, too? Did I do something wrong?

(edit) Is only NAV data updated and not COM data?

I saw a couple out of date freqs were updated for VORs, but a com freq I’m used to using is out of date at KEUL.

Should be 123.0, but in the system it’s 122.7

Does Navigraph only update nav and not com?

If that’s the case, how would I update com data?

Appears some nav data has updated, but a known com freq did not update.

KEUL should have changed from 122.7 to 123.0 quite some time ago.

Does navdata updates to the GPS DB not include com data like tower, awos, asos, centers?

If not, how do I update those frequencies in the db as well?



Please see X-Plane frequencies do not update


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