Fms data manager does not update qualitywings b-787


My Qualitywings B-787-8-9 AND -10 will not receive FMS NAVDATA cycle from the FMS data manager. It is stuck with al old cycle of 2020.
I had the latest version of FMS data manager,
I use windows 10 and use the old FSX.
FMS data manager updates my other airplanes satisfactorily.

I had the manager scan the folders of various airplanes I fly and I have no idea where the data goes.

I need to know in what folder the data is stored in the manager itself (so that I can move the data to the airplane navdata folder itself should need be).

I also would like to know the name of the navdata file/s.

I also suppose that the B-787 data should go into c\………flight simulatorX\qualitywings B-787\navdata.
I checked the 787 EFB folder and the data is not there.

I checked all forums, the internet, google, you name it and I find no answer.

I haven’t used this plane for about two years but when I did I had no problem.

I also have been a Navigraph customer for many years.

I also do not have that problem with my other planes such as PMDG B-777, 747 etc., not any Prepar3d planes.

I also have used Prepar3D with associated airplanes with no problem.

So my only last resort it to turn to you for the answer to the above questions.

Please give be complete information so solve that problem.

I thank you for your support.

Jacques Lonchambon

Hi Jacques ,


Thank you for your detailed report.

The latest FMS Data Manager should detect the Quality Wings 787in Addon Mappings\Scan.

Check you FSX path is correct in Settings. You aren’t per chance using FSX Steam?

Otherwise you can manually map it in Addon Mappings.

You should end up with the equivalent of:

If still a problem, please post screenshots of Settings\Path, Addon Mappings\paths etc using
Guide to posting Screenshots

Please let us know how you get on.


Dear Ian, thank you for your quick reply.
I am still working on my problem.
As you suggested, I manually mapped the Qualitywing to the folder I think is the correct one. C:…QW787\qualitywings\navdata.
See the screen shot.
I noticed that there is a subfolder also named navdata. (I don’t know why…!). So I also copied the navdata to that folder. I assume that the date of the last cycle is 6/18/2021. If not please let me know. But the 787 still will not show the right cycle in the FMS. See image below:

I see that there is another Navdata folder (just below the Flight plan folder. Here is a screen shot with it content:

So please take a close look at the content of these folders and see is they are OK.

So if you have any further suggestion, I would like to see them

Again, thank you for your support. (support is rare these days in the sim industry…!.. :slightly_smiling_face:
Jacques Lonchambon

Hi Jacques,

Please close FSX.

Please delete:

c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Microsft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator\QualityWings\QW787\Navdata\f0bd292a-8c45-4a5a-bb2b-8614b2fb027f.index and
c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Microsft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator\QualityWings\QW787\Navdata\navdata

In latest FMS Data Manager,

  1. In Addon Mappings , Select all QualityWings entries and press Remove.
    Press Scan. Do you get entry for QualityWings - The Ultimate Collection for FSX ? If yes go to 2
    If not press +Add,
    For Please select an addon…, choose QualityWings - The Ultimate Collection
    For Install into…, choose Flight Simulator X

  2. Press Save

In Addon List, select QualityWings - The Ultimate Collection, and press Update.

In Status Bar bottom left, you should see installation progress.

Close FMS Data Manager.

Check you have correct data in QW787 FMC:


Dear Ian,

Thank you for your quick reply.

I performed the steps that you suggested.

At first try of there was no change. Even though I removed c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Microsft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator\QualityWings\QW787\Navdata\navdata

That folder showed up again in the file manager after I updated the FMS manager and ran it.

Apparently, the manager copied the cycle files to that same navdata\navdata folder. So the FMS still showed the wrong data.

So I copied the contents of navdata\navdata into ……QW787\Navdata (the first navdata folder).

Then……TA…DA….! IT WORKED….! Oh what a relief……!

Below is a screen shot of what that folder looks like now.

…. And this is what my FMS looks like:

I didn’t run the manager again since the FMS would not show any difference, but I am sure the next time I run FSX it will be OK.

So I thank you again for your fine suggestions and quick support. (a rare thing these days…!)


Jacques Lonchambon

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Hi Jacques,

You are welcome. Thank you for kind words.

Happy flying.


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