FMS AIRAC cycle vs FS Version AIRAC cycle

Does the FMS AIRAC cycle revision number need to match the FS Version cycle version number? I presume not. Specifically, FS2020 is using 2013/rev 7 while the FMS is using 2013/rev 1


Hi Mike,
no the MSFS2020 AIRAC cycle (+ revision) doesn´t corresponding to the FMS Data Manager AIRAC cycle (+ revision). The reason is, that we use a own client for MSFS2020 - both clients are differ - one is productive (FMS Data Manager) and one is still in beta (Navigraph Navdata Client b19).

So, when you have the MSFS2020 AIRAC 2013 rev. 7 you´re good and up to date for the new sim. All other addons/tools will be updated thru the FMS Data Manager.

Hope that helps,

Perfect, that is what I assumed but wanted to confirm…you guys rock!


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