Navdata revisions

I’ve noted three different revision numbers for what looks to be the same data. The Navigraph FMS Data manager states that the current AIRAC cycle is 2014. The downloaded cycle shows as 2014 Rev 1. The updated cycle for MSFS 2020 shows as 2014 Rev 3. Are there any differences? Can Navigraph put a small note pointing to a topic if the “note” is too small to properly describe any differences?
I know that this is only a sim, however those of us that spend the money on this kind of info (in my case, I was an IFR rated pilot) will whine, moan and otherwise get … get … UPSET at his total lack of consistency!! :rofl: :wink:

Hi Kevin,

Please see posts at 2014 Rev 1 or 2014 Rev 2?


Thanks, Ian. Only 9 more characters … Does the emoji count?? :innocent:

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