FF 757 AIRAC, Airports aren’t recognised

Hello, I have:

  • newest version of FF 757 (v 2.6.12), X-Plane 12
  • Navigraph AIRAC 2404 revision 1

when I try intserting any Airport (I tried with EDDL, EBBR and EKVG), the plane tells me NOT IN DATABASE
BUT on the RTE 1 page, the plane suggest me EDDL, i cannot insert it though, NOT IN DATABASE again

Updated several times, PC reset, clean install. Did everything. What to do now?

FF 767 is working and all their custom data is the same, I think the GNS430 folder is not optimised for the 757


No problems here with FF757 2.6.12, X-Plane 12 12.0.9 RC 5 and AIRAC 2404:

I suggest a reinstall of FF757 and AIRAC 2404.


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