Few suggestions for EZY OFP


I’d like to make a few suggestions for the EZY OFP.

  • LFSB in alternate list

You once modified the IATA code of LFSB (which was initially showing as MLH) to BSL for EZY OFP - thanks again btw. I’ve noticed that it still shows as MLH in the alternate list. Could it be modified to BSL in this section as well for the EZY OFP if it’s not too much of a headache ?

  • Tankering fuel limits

At EZY, the fuel added via the OFP is limited to MTOW -1% or MLW -1%. Could this be implemented ?

There is as well a message (either “LIMITED BY MTOW -1%” or “LIMITED BY MLW -1%”), below “REASON …” which overrides any other message that can be written here. Like this :

The “L” that pictures the limit in the weight section is already correctly implemented ! :grin:

Thanks for your time once again, good day :smiley: !

I think the header also changed somewhat with the EZY layout. This may be true for all or at least some other LIDO layouts, too. This can be seen here:

It simply depends where you get the OFP from. The layout you see in the picture is part of a package pilots get with more informations (like the defects on the aircraft etc…).

However, it’s only the header that changes, the rest of the OFP is correct and has the same sections etc.

Interesting, thanks for the information.