Few questions about temporary event route

Glad to see the new function online. In VATPRC, sometimes the event route would be different to the common route. It’s a very useful function. However, we have alreay submitted event route to route database with event name and event period but it doesn’t show up in flight generater even the departure time is within event period. So how should we do to submit temporary event routes correctly? Will these routes be automedically removed after event or we have to remove them manually?


I could not reproduce this, can you be more specific on where you are not seeing the route? I can see your event route when creating a new flight:

Make sure you set the date and time correctly when creating your flight.

You do not need to remove them manually after the event, but you can if you want to clean up your User Routes list.

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The problem is we filed incorrect event time. :sweat_smile: We didn’t notice it until I see your screen shot. :rofl: Thanks for helping anyway. It was us make a mistake.

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