Feature Request: Open Charts in Full Width Across Chart Display Area of the Desktop app

Hi everyone!

I was wondering whether it is already possible to set up the chart display area to always zoom to display the chart in full width zoom over the chart display area.
If this is not possible yet, I would kindly appreciate this feature. None of the subscribers I spoke to was able to point out to me that this would be available. In fact, most replied they would appreciate such a feature.

Kind regards

Hello! Thank you for the feedback and sorry for the delay - this post slipped under our radar.

The default behavior when loading any chart is to show the full chart without hiding any parts of it.
You can use these buttons to fit the chart to the width or the height of the display area:

If you want to make it fit width by default or have the ability to select such a behavior, please create a dedicated topic in the Wishlist so that we can gauge the community’s interest in such a feature!

Kind Regards,