FACT Cape Town - Missing SID / STARS


I notice there are a few SID’s/STAR’s missing from Cape Town (FACT). Especially for RWY 01.

For example the TETAN 1C departure.

And the Robben Island 4C STAR for RWY01.

What is the reason that this is missing since in real life it is available from Jeppesen?

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I looked at the ZA AIP for FACT(and my company’s LIDO charts), and I can not see these missing SID/STAR. Are you sure they are published and not company tailor-made (for South African Airways for example)?

And to further this, it looks like TETA1C was removed as a published SID around AIRAC 2204

Thank you for the reply. That makes sense now. So the data is correct. Man, I miss my wife’s iPad with LIDO on it.

Why they removed it does not make sense, however.


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