EYVI (Vilnius)

This happens every time.I fly my PMDG 777,with the navdata fully updated to Vilnius and in the FMS there are NO arrivals,Stars or approaches for EYVI.This is the only airport in the world where this happens.My EFB works fine,and everything for my departing airport to Vilnius is also present.
Can anyone tell me:am I the only one experiencing this?And,if so,why only Vilnius?
It could be that the database for 1 month is corrupted,but the database changes every month!
Grateful for any answer
Eric Schellekens

Hi Eric,
which sim do you use? FS9, FSX or P3D (if, which version)?

As a first test, can you confirm, that the runway-idents in your used sim are the same as in the data (=in real runway 01/19).

Also, have you tried this FAQ:


Thank you for considering my issue.I am running p3dv4.5
And,yes,I have runways 01/19 in the sim (as verified by Little Navmap I use,which takes its
database directly from scanning p3d.

Addon:they are actually labeled 02/20 in the sim,not 01/19

… thats the reason because the runway idents are not corresponding to the real world.

… but when you run the posted FAQ post, doesn’t this fix the issue?


Hey Richard!
That did indeed fix it!Thank you so much!Navigraph is awesome!

Great Eric, thanks for the feedback and your kind words … much appreciated :innocent:

Let us know, whenever you have a question, in the meanwhile - happy flying and enjoy your day

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