Extended localiser

Glad to see this implemented. I was reading through the forum post asking about this change and saw someone said KLAX localiser was flight tested to 85nm. I don’t have official documentation on the performance of this but I have real world pictures my friend took going into KLAX and they can get the localiser from crazy distances. Just posting in case you guys find it useful.

in your screenshot, it shows a frequency of 110.10 with 127NM but there is no ILS with this frequency available for KLAX?! Also, the LOC indicator (and ident) is missing - so my assumption is, that this is a DME from somewhere else.

As you have also figured out, there is no official, public documentation for the ESV. There are a “rule of thumb” from the FAA and we have tried to follow this way.


That’s totally understandable. Also my mistake, this was KORD, he also showed me another at KORD with 108 miles, but again no ident and no localiser signal. So apparently only the DME. He doesn’t remember at what distance the localiser came up,

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