Export to MSFS has disappeared

Navigraph App for Win 11 just asked me to update. I wish I hadnt because less than 5 minutes later I’m tryting to export the VFR plan to MSFS and the option has gone. Instead there is now a huge list of formats that don’t include MSFS 2020.

Considering that I purchased this because it had that option I am now wondering if this was an omission to be corrected or whether I am needing to cancel subscription and go back to Little Navmap if you have done this on purpose.


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My bad, it is still there, just renamed and buried in the noise.

Hello! Welcome back.

I am happy that you found a solution already! If you find the addition of lots of new formats to cause clutter, please add your vote and/or thoughts to this topic:


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What is the new name for MSFS2020. I’m glad you figered it out but what is the solution?

The new name is FS2020, the same as in SimBrief. You can find it by using the filter option at the top!

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