Export TDS GTN Xi .gfp flight plan format out of Charts

Hello, The TDS GTN Xi product is clearly a top tier supported functionality in most applicable quality msfs aircraft including the fantastic A2A Comanche released yesterday. You did add support to export simbrief flight plans via the sim brief downloader, but there is not an option to export the TDS GTN Xi .gfp plan out of Charts. I just converted my initial month trial to an annual subscription due to the comprehensiveness and awesomeness of your products (flattery intended) :smile: However, this is one substantial missing piece from your products preventing them from being my only solution needed.

Because I can’t use Charts to plan custom VFR flight plans and export to my TDS GTN Xi unit, I am forced to keep little navmap installed, which presently can do this. This requires me to go to a nonintegrated less than payware quality solution to do so.

Thanks for considering.

We shall use your suggestion for potential enhancements and new functionality. So, please be as detailed as you can.

Only one issue per thread so that others can easily see what has been reported.

Hello! Thank you for the feedback.

With the recently released version 8.31.0, you can now export .gfp files from Charts!



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