ETOPS options possible in the API


Some pilots from my VA using the simBrief API asked me whether it would be possible to have the Entry, Exit and/or suitable airports fields open in the API for ETOPS scenario calculation ? As far as I know, right now, we can only set the ETOPS rule right now.

Deeper in the discussion we had, they have also asked what is the reference speed used by simBrief to make the scenario calculation and if it would be possible to open this field, that we can define our own ETOPS profiles


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You can specify the ETOPS scenario using the following parameters:

Parameter Example Value
etopsrule 180
etopsentry CYYT
etopsexit EINN
etopsaltn1 CYQX
etopsaltn2 EIDW
etopsaltn3 *
etopsaltn4 *
etopsaltn5 *
etopsaltn6 *

At a minimum, the etopsrule, etopsentry, etopsexit, and etopsaltn1 params need to be specified.

The reference speed and other ETOPS settings cannot be customized at this time. Maybe in a future update.

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Many thanks for your feedback !

Although it is not configurable, would it be possible to know what is the speed value taken into account for the ETOPS scenario calculation ?


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