ETOPS Airport Customization (Disallow Airports from ETOPS)

SimBrief never fails to improve in ways I don’t expect, but am grateful for.

Here’s a suggestion for a future improvement:
More ETOPS customization options, such as

  • Disallowing certain airports from ETOPS on a given flight plan (maybe weather is bad, NOTAMd closed, or just inappropriate to our aircraft type)
  • Interactively see the range circles around ETOPS airports on the map in the edit screen, even as we allow/disallow ETOPS airports.

Might be too much to take on, but it was just a thought I had during my most recent ETOPS planning…

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Hi, thanks for the suggestion!

Disallowing certain airports should already be possible using the “Exclude Airports” input in the ETOPS section, unless I’m misunderstanding your request?

In the next version I will update it so that the excluded airports and associated range circles are automatically removed from the map. :slight_smile:


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