ETOPS Entry is wrong


I noticed my OFP is planned for VOMM/VOTR for ETOPS Alternates. Based on the Map given the ENT was WITT and EXT was VOMM. But in the ETOPS information was written VOMM/VOTR. May I know why it was planned that way?

The RTE was WMKK/OTHH with B788 on P3dv5. Can it ETOPS alternate plan manually based on pilot/dispatch selections?. I prefer using 120minutes and it’s more practicable nowadays.

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Hi, the SimBrief AUTO ETOPS function does an acceptable job in most cases, but it isn’t always optimal.

There is nothing legally wrong with planning it the way it did, as far as I know, but a human definitely would have done a better job.

Thankfully, you can certainly customize your ETOPS airports prior to creating your flightplan. Please see the tutorial video here: SimBrief: Tutorial Video (2016) - YouTube

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