Error in the installation of the charts

I have bought navigraph ultimate, and I have it installed on a laptop with no problems.
Now I want to download the same program on a PC, and when I install the Cards, leaving the location that the program itself gives me, Installation Aborted appears.
Could you help me?
Thank you

Hi Christian,


Are you running Windows or MacOS? Which version?

Assuming Windows, make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest Charts for Windows.

As I understand, you have installed this to your laptop and PC, but are getting an error during installation on the PC. Try disabling and antivirus and firewall on the PC, restart PC, reinstall Charts. Please post screenshot of any errors using Guide to posting Screenshots.


Hello, I am still in the same situation, I have deactivated the antivirus and the installation stops.
If the NavigraphNavdata.exe and Navigraph + Simlink.exe applications have been downloaded correctly
I can’t copy the images from the clipboard to the message.


You should be able to simply paste (CTRL-V) clipboard items into this forum.

I am sorry you are having difficulties installing Charts Desktop on your PC. We are developing a new Charts version, with a different user interface.

As a workaround till this is released, I suggest you use Charts Cloud. It has the same functionality as Charts Desktop.


Thanks for the information, I will use what you indicate on my PC