ENTC-ENHK, Crash To Desktop

Navigraph Navdata client beta 17
AIRAC Cycle 2013 - revision 3

How to replicate CTD:

  • In world map; From: ENTC To: ENHK
  • Select IFR Low or High-altitude airways
  • CTD


Hello Jonny! Welcome to the new forum!

Thanks for letting us know about this. Our developers are looking into it, and an initial investigation seems to indicate that it has to do with the way MSFS connects the waypoints in its own, questionable way.

We are looking for a solution and will advise once we have more information!

Again, we appreciate the feedback!


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If it’s the way MSFS connects the waypoints in its own… This should not happen then if you load a flight plan? Because the CDT also happens if I try to load a flight plan made with LNM.


Sorry, maybe I was being unclear!

When using the default navigation data that comes with MSFS, their process works just fine (albeit in a broken way). But when the same process is applied to our data (which is more advanced and complete), their system is not always able to handle it.

We are currently investigating further while looking for a solution to this, and will advise when further progress has been made!



Hi Jayjay,
fixed now with the upcoming revision 4 … thanks for your detailed report which was reproduceable - thanks for your help :wink:

Here a first look on the route with revision 4:


I thank you for making this mess work!

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